In September of 1962, Tim Macmanus went on his first dove hunt with his Dad with a Savage single shot .410.  Tim can vividly recall tracking the trail of feathers that lead to his first dove in the tall grass in deep south Texas.  Since then, he has been hooked on hunting and the great outdoors.

Tim’s hunting life has taken him on adventures in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Saskatchewan here in North America.  In 1999, Tim made his first trip to Africa and has been back to the Dark Continent 11 more times visting South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania hunting dangerous game, plains game and many bird species.  Tim has 2 cape buffalo as well as kudu, gemsbok, impala and more on the wall at home.  He has been in every province in South Africa as least once and some 6 times.  If there is a mammal you wish to hunt in southern Africa, Tim can arrange that for you.

Tim is a passionate wingshooter.  Here in the US, he concentrates his waterfowl hunting in north and west Texas and hunts Saskatchewan when he can.  He has experienced the incredible sights of duck hunting in Argentina as well as duck and goose hunting in Africa.  If the hunt involves waterfowl and he can fit it on his calendar, Tim will be there.  He has over 8 dove trips to his credit in Argentina as well as pigeon and perdiz shooting as well.  He has been to 13 different lodges during his trips to Argentina.  If you enjoy wingshooting, Tim can place you with exceptional bird hunters who have turned their passion into their business in both Argentina, Africa, Nicaragua and North America.

Tim has extensive experience getting back and forth from the US to Argentina and Africa having traveled to both destinations 12 times each as of February 2013.  He is constantly pursuing more hunting adventures in North America, Argentina and Africa and other destinations as well.  With a discerning eye for quality and a passion for excellence, Tim is only booking with outfitters who work as hard to earn their money as you do to earn yours.  Most importantly, Tim only sends his guests to places where he would hunt.  He accompanies guests on as many Argentina wingshooting trips as he can to insure your trip will be as perfect as possible.

Tim knows you work hard to earn your money.  He works hard for his money just like you so he wants you to receive great value and experience incredible hunting with the outfitters he works with.  Tim loves sharing his passion with his guests and will constantly work to see that you are satisfied with your trip.  Give Tim a call and let’s talk about your next trip either close to home or as far away as Africa and Argentina.  Let’s quit talking.  LET’S GET OUT THERE AND HUNT!!!


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